Which is best, PC or console?

A world that constantly changes for better or worse often has controversy, some about important topics, some about video games. Some often are debates on who has the best gaming device, or my console is better than your computer. As small and insignificant as this debate is, it does make you wonder, is a console better than a Personalized Computer (PC)? Well, the short answer would be no. The PC is an overwhelming powerhouse when it comes to customization, gaming experience, and life span.

However, if you are one of those people that would rather have proof than some random stranger’s objective opinion, then here is a cocktail of facts that create a certain taste that can only allow readers to end with their own unique perspective.

We will start out with a couple of pros and cons for the consoles that are commonly used today.

Consoles pros and cons


  • Exclusive titles, such as Halo for Xbox or the highly wanted God of war; Ragnarök for PS5/4
  • The community is large and consists of a lot of enthusiastic gamers.
  • Consoles in general cost less than PC, however, this is only true when the console is later on in its life span.
  • Consoles often are a separating point from work that you may have to do on a PC


  • Consoles usually expire after a set period of time allowing for the console to be lost in time.
  • Although it’s recommended by some companies, modifying your console is often difficult. Many find it difficult to find effective ways to improve their beloved console, besides the obvious accessories.
  • Most consoles have to be modified to play older generation games that many would love to play on a newer generation console.
  • Unfortunately, you have to pay to use most online features for the more mainstream consoles.
  • Controllers seen with Xbox and the PlayStation are often found to have worn-out parts after extended periods of use.

Now, you may be looking at the pros section and may be thinking, why are there fewer pros than cons, well, that isn’t necessarily a negative thing, as the pros gave an impact on how great a console can be, however, those great pros are often overshadowed by its less desirable traits, such as bad frame rate, and having to pay for online features.


That’s not to say that the PC doesn’t have its own problems, but it has more pros than cons. Such as the following:

PC cons and pros


  • The cost of computers can on some occasions be extremely over budget.
  • When your computer breaks, you typically have the option of repairing it, unfortunately, it is an exceedingly difficult procedure depending on where the part broke.
  • Multiple different gaming platforms such as Epic Games, Ubisoft, or the notorious steam.
  • While a cheaper gaming PC may be a good option at first, eventually as time moves forward you may find yourself paying for expensive hardware to improve your cheaper computer.
  • Less mobile, usually PCs are bulky and can be huge, while a ps4 is small and capable of being brought on a trip to your grandparents’ house.


  • A computer has more capacity to run games better than consoles
  • While a console may be more incapable of heavy modification, a Pc is very modifiable, from graphic cards to hard drives
  • Allows for you to instantly search for information about games, or for secrets in games that you have become tired of looking for.
  • Allows for better accuracy with FPS games, along with graphics.
  • Keyboards and mice typically last for prolonged periods of time.
  • Typically, free online play

I find a PC more desirable because it can be overwhelmingly customizable, but many others love the fact that they can make something that others undoubtedly would never have a copy of. A PC can be very personal to people, I guess that’s why they call it a Personal Computer. Many newcomers often found that if they aren’t careful, and don’t pick out the right Pc, they might have to waste money buying a part that they might not know how to install.

If you looked at it from a certain point of view you would see gray. A console could have been made really good this year, but what about the next? A PC can be personalized and tweaked to meet your every desire when it comes to a video game, or even to work. So that’s why I would choose a PC over a console.