What is Esports?

The E in Esports stands for electronic. Esports is a form of sport that is digital. It mainly consists of electronic-based sports. Usually, these sports are categorized as Video Games or any competitive digital game. Esports, like any other form of sports, are hosted in an arena. This arena however isn’t normal. The arena is more like a stage for musicians or comedians. The stage holds all the participants, while the stands hold the participants. As of recent events these games have been viewed over a streaming platform rather than watched in person.

What type of sports are Esports

Esports has a wide variety of choices when it comes to the game. The sport is always performed on a computer or counsel, and they have their sorted system of what type of game is being played. Usually, people hear about FPS (First-Person Shooters) Games more than the other forms of games. Requirements for Esports are fairly simple. The games have to have a sort of competitive play and high popularity status to be played at an Esports tournament.

What are the major Esports?

Esports generally have popular competitive games. These games are popular FPS games like Counter-strike: Global Offence or Overwatch. However, there are other games than just popular FPS games that take place at the Esport tournaments. Games like League of Legends and PubG are played. These games are a more strategic form of competition, were as FPS games can be more of a skill-based game. Leagues consist of leagues like the Electronics Sports League, The Overwatch League, and The League.

How did Esports get so popular?

Esports got popular because they had many opportunities for players, the audience, and Game developers. The Participants got to play a game to show off how well they could play that game and compete with other players. The audience had the option to bet on who would win tournaments, and watch how much skill or teamwork participants used. Game developers get to profit from the popularity of these games. They also get to interact with their community more and study their consumers’ main attraction to add to their next game.

The history of esports


Esports started in the ’60s when a game called Spacewar. This era teated Esports as more of a thought than an actual process. In 1978 The first international esports tournament was hosted by Atari. In the 80 one of the first teams was named by a German man named Armin Stürmer. His team was called The Atari VCS Bundesliga. In 1988 a game named Netrek was one of the first competitive games that could be played completely on the internet. In the ’90s FPS games started to be developed. Games like Doom, Quake, starCraft, etc. 

Where Esports are today 

Today in the twentieth century The Esports world has advanced a lot. In the early 2000’s Games like Halo and Age of empires have been developed and integrated into an Esport tournament. The 10’s was when Esports started getting popular. It was also an era where companies started taking notice and sponsoring teams. There is a large variety of opportunities for the future.


So Esports are competitive games that started in the early 60s. They mainly consist of FPS games and Strategy games today. Esports has created a new source of opportunity. Some of which allow companies to improve their games and Participants to prove their worth in a competitive and team-based role. Esports has a very optimistic future and will continue to entertain the world.