What is Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a form of money over the internet. It uses a form of blockchain to transfer money digitally. The transfer of money is decentralized, meaning that the government cannot control cryptocurrency. Ever since 2008 and the creation of Bitcoin the world of cryptocurrency has grown. A variety of companies created their cryptocurrencies. It is supposed that eventually, Cryptocurrency may become one of the most used forms of payment.


How does Cryptocurrency Work

Cryptocurrency uses blockchain, which is an immutable ledger that says this is your money and this is who is getting this money. Crypto specifically uses a key that must be accepted by multiple nodes and is added to the blockchain. This process is a very secure form of payment. Because of crypto’s security, it makes it almost impossible for a hacker to rewire your money. However, the only way your transaction can be accepted by the security is by being stamped by a crypto miner. The only way a transaction can be started is if a miner stamps the transaction.


How does Cryptocurrency Mining Work

cryptocurrency mining works in a complex way. However, virtually everyone can become a miner. Miners are the only people that can start a transaction. A cryptocurrency requires a mechanism to prevent a single party to create thousands of fake transactions. So to create this mechanism, Crypto uses computers from miners to secure transactions. Since the currency is decentralized this can be anyone. The computers devoted to mining solve a cryptologic puzzle which then builds a block to add to the chain. As an incentive, the miner can add a specific amount of cryptocurrency coin to the transaction. This process is the only way to make a form of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.


Should You Invest

Investment in a cryptocurrency can be hard. Experts say that because of intense price swings you shouldn’t invest. Bitcoin had quadrupled throughout 2020 and then doubled in April 2021. When July arrived Bitcoin had dropped back to its original worth. Then eventually it doubled again and then dropped again. Overall you should stick to regular physical money for now, and invest in Cryptocurrency a little at a time.


The Top Cryptocurrencies


Bitcoin was a concept created by Satoshi Nakamoto which is believed to be a pseudo name. This concept eventually became the first digital currency to solve the double pay problem found in digital currency. Nakamoto first released Bitcoin in 2009, where if you installed the bitcoin software you could start using it. Right now Bitcoin is worth 1 – 43,353.71 American dollars. It is currently the number one used form of cryptocurrency. 


Ethereum is a different form of cryptocurrency, it holds other assets than just money, it can hold games, Applications, ETC. It also allows for a convenient transfer of money from your bank account to an Ethereum wallet. Transfer of money does come with a fee. Additionally, Ethereum allows for the use of bitcoin, making it a universal storage unit that holds cryptocurrency. Ethereum is the second biggest form of cryptocurrency and is currently 1 to 3,185.57 American dollars.


Tether is similar to Bitcoin, however, Tether is effectively equivalent to the American dollar. It was meant to keep the American dollar stable in a cryptocurrency environment. Despite it being connected to the American dollar, it is the third most used form of cryptocurrency.


Binance Coin uses an Ethereum-based ERC-20 Token. Unlike other cryptocurrencies Binance creates a discount on transaction fees, however, the discount has been decreasing since 2018. BNB is the fourth most used cryptocurrency in the world. It is worth 1 to 423.91 American Dollars.

USD Coin

USD Coin is another cryptocurrency tethered to the American dollar. This means that it is very similar to Tether. Strengthening this is that the cryptocurrencies are both backed by the American dollar. However, right now USD Coin is effectively 1 cent less than the American dollar. USD Coin is the Fifth most used cryptocurrency used in the world.



Cryptocurrencies will become the new form of currency. Cryptocurrency allows for a form of digital currency. This currency is efficient and secure. The Currency uses Crypto miners to create a decentralized currency. They also allow for the encryption of the currency. Some currencies like tether and USD Coin are backed up by the American dollar. Making them both worth 1 American dollar. Investment in other cryptocurrencies can be risky because of how much the price swing is.