A Guide to Understanding UI/UX Design

What is UI and UX Design? Well to start off, UI design is the building effective user interface design for a website or a digital device. UX on the other hand is the response from the user using the interface. These two are extremely similar, and often can be mixed up. Although the greatest way of remembering the difference between the two is to think about build and user efficiency for UI design. To record and adapt for UX design


How is UI Design Used in Website Design?

There are many ways UI design is integrated into Website Design. From, building and designing to testing that all buttons work. The building aspect of UI design can be complex, as the designer isn’t creating a website. They are creating a well-oiled machine that is effective for users to use. They must focus on typography, button placement, and art design. The slightest misplacement of a button could reduce click rates. Or the Artstyle along with the Typography could make a website hard to read. Making the User exit the page and never think of it again.


What are the Common Tools Used by UI designers?

The most important tool of a carpenter is a chisel, the same could be said about a UI designer. However, there are many brands of chisels. The #1 Software tool is Adobe XD, this software was made for UI design. Some other good choices for UI design are InVision Studios and Axure. Both are equals to Adobe XD, however, they are viewed more as rivals. 


How is UX Design Used in a Website?

UX design is the aftermath of UI design. A UX designer focuses on the User experience. Gathering data that may improve the website’s traffic. UX design is often described as the road map designed for a User. A path that allows the user to easily get to their objective. The UX designer often takes in data points of other websites and adds them to the function of their website design. On top of all of that, UX also gives a bare-boned form of the to-be-built website.


The Five-Step Process of a UX Designer?

A UX designer uses software just like UI designers. They mainly use a 5 step process when creating a website. The prep phase of a UX designer usually is the designer’s research phase. This is where they find all the analytics they use for planning the website. The planning phase is where the designer creates an imaginary creation of the website. The Produce phase is where you create the product for the first time. The Prime phase consists mostly of editing and discussing changes among a team. The last phase is where you publish your finalized project.


Common Tools Used in the Five-Step Process.

  1. Prep
  • HotJar
  • Appentive
  1. Plan
  • Storyboard that
  • Jira
  • Trella
  1. Produce
  • Figma
  • Balsamiq
  • InVision Studios
  • Adobe XD
  • Axure
  1. Prime
  • Google Optimize
  • Testbirds
  1. Publish: this phase generally uses online publishing software, some of which are mentioned in earlier phases.


Differences and Similarities of UX and UI Design.

The similarities are there, UX and UI design are both used for the construction of a website. So what are the differences? Well, as mentioned before UX design is a map-based design. Creating a path for a User. While UI is the creation of this path, along with the design choices that make the website more appealing. You can see in the lists of tools mentioned, that UI and UX use Adobe XD along with Azure. Both of these software tools are used Because of the variety of tools used in the development of a website.



The website development terms UI and UX design stand for User interphase. UI design usually comes after UX design and focuses on the functionality of a product. UX design is the foundation for what the final product will be. They focus on key paths for User travel. Although different UI and UX are used in the same process of designing a website. Often UI design is implemented after the Pan phase and just before the end of the Prime phase.