A Guide to Understanding Gaming Platforms

What are gaming platforms? Well, they are usually platforms like Steam or Epic Games. Both are considered video game platforms because of their large variety of games that can be bought, downloaded, and played. So that is the general term for gaming platforms, a platform with gaming services. Although, according to the literal dictionary it is defined as, “A computer system specially made for playing video games.” This includes Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation. However, this term will probably be changed to the aforementioned definition as gaming and technology improve.


         Which leads you to the question” well, what type of platforms are there?” Generally, the first platform for games that you may come across is Steam, a platform made by Valve. Steam leads the foundation which was a gaming platform. It started as a way to get around paying publishers to publish their industry-defining games. Eventually, they started selling other games. Epic Games Studios, a newer gaming company, is becoming even more popular because of their major hit title Fortnite. If I have to explain to you what Fortnite is then that is absurd. Fortnite is everywhere and it’s suppressing to find someone that doesn’t know the basics of the game. Other services are technically the iPhone app store and Microsoft store as they sell games on their platforms.


         As gaming continues down its path of entertainment it was only a matter of time before platforms integrated live streaming and recording people playing games. Twitch, probably the most well-known streaming/gaming platform is one of these sources of entertainment. Streamers play popular games, like Fortnite and Minecraft, to an audience. Acting as a form of advertisement for the game and a source of income for the streamer. Other platforms would be Hitbox, Smashcast, and Bigo live.


         Other notable mentions of gaming platforms are Origen and Battlenet. Battlenet is a Gaming platform made by Blizzard Entertainment, that holds some of the greatest games. Such as WOW and the big title game: Call of Duty. These aren’t their only notable games, but I’ll let you experience that. Origin holds Call of Duty’s rival Battlefield, along with Apex legends, one of Fortnite’s many rivals. All the previously mentioned game platforms are founded as their platforms until you get to the website platforms. One such platform is Kongregatd, a website that features free games that you can play. They mainly are known for their small beginning game developers. A childhood classic that many know, Cool Math Games, is a classic form of a website-based game platform. It may not sound like other platforms, but it holds a lot of fun and interesting games.


A good question that you would pair with gaming platforms would be the behaviors found on these platforms. Usually, the gaming community likes to have an online portion of a game. 67% of Gamers play online games. In the past, there have been cases of cyberbullies. 37% of people nowadays report being bullied weekly or even monthly. This has been corrected, at least it has been attempted to minimize these encounters for the community. Developers created a system where you can report a guy for profanities or racial slurs. The guy ends up getting banned from the game. This may not last long, however, it has already started with correcting unwanted and concerning online behavior. 


To recap, Gaming platforms are defined by the dictionary as consoles and Personalized computers. However, this will change as many people in the gaming community have described it as a platform to buy and play games on. If you want to experience a gaming platform you should look into Steam, and if you want entertainment via someone else; set up an account for twitch. Cyberbullying was a problem and it is being handled better than it was in the past. Thanks for reading!